Bellies, Birth and Babies

Spring is in the air and so many babies are just opening brand new eyes to their first spring or are soon to be on their way here.  Such an exciting time for so many of my mama friends, and I have had the privilege of photographing many of them in these past months.  I am still an amateur, but have really taken some photographic leaps lately with a purchase of a new camera, my first new-born shoot and so many beautiful mamas around me willing and excited to have me take their picture.  I just have to share with you their beauty and glory.

Becca pregnant with Paloma January 2013 Image

Jenna & her hubby pregnant with someone we will meet any day now!Image

Shannon pregnant with her due date in just a week or two


Russel, Nicole & Sequoia who arrived in JanuaryImage

Brenna, Ida & Emmet and inside is Eden, who came last summerImage

It is such an honor to have these women share themselves with me, allowing their glory to be seen in such a sacred and open time of their lives.  Each one of these women has taught me; the way they cradle there belly’s or smile so deep from within, they have reveled their full beings to me and in doing so they have each shown me how to be a mother.  And even though I now am a mother myself and will be for the rest of my life, I am always learning to stand deeper in my own fullness and glory.  There is nothing quite as inspiring as being welcomed to behold each and every woman, baby & family that braves this courageous task of togetherness, on that sacred birthing day and every day from then on, holding each other on this journey of life.

Happy Early Mother’s Day!

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