Up-cycled Woolen PJs

This year a dear friend told me the story of St. Martin, who is celebrated for giving his cloak to warm a cold stranger.  She told it to us while we were cuddled together, children in the folds of our legs, our lanterns a glow, lighting our way through the dark stroll around her pond a few weeks ago.  It was a magical evening and something she hosts every year in honor of the Martinmas festival, celebrating illuminating our inner light.  IMG_2116

This same friend is one who strives to see the light of each being and do what she can to bring it out, hold it up and help it glow.  What a blessing it is to have friends who will light the way for you, teach you stories and songs and accompany you onto the darkest trails into the night and then guide you home.  Well, that night she also told me the traditionally woolen garments were gifted on Martinmas, to prepare you for the long winter ahead and I thought it fitting to share my latest Recycled Sweater project.  It was super easy and almost like alchemy the way this


turned into these


Like this: 1st I cut off the sleeves


Then I made a rough pattern for the little sleeves and cut those out.



Then I had all these parts and rearranged them into thisImage

once I could see what I was doing, I trimmed up the shirt and re-assembled it.Image

Then I sewed the


sleeves together to make the pants. I was planning on making underwear pants like these..which works great when you have to be creative with too little fabric.


but this sweater was big enough I didn’t have to, so the easier the better!  I just cut off the knit band and sewed it on as a waist band…And I go these snuggly little Merino PJ’s ( which cost $4.99 in materials at Salvation Army!)  Nope, just can’t beat that. IMG_2109

If you want to learn how to make some up-cycle magic of your own, that very same friend is teaching a class on Nov 23rd, see more here.  So here’s to getting cozy and shining that inner light!

2 thoughts on “Up-cycled Woolen PJs

  1. Super review – so clear and well documented! I’m deleting the link I used to use for this project and leaving this window open in my project room. Thanks Seedsandstones!

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