Solstice Greetings

At mid day, the suns southern rays reach half way into the house, the furthest point the sun will touch all year.


The little woolen angel basks in the afternoons glow


The divine mother cradles her babe in warmth & love


And a family of shepherds and their flock gather together on this cold winter day.IMG_3341

All is calm all is bright, happy return of the sacred light.

2 thoughts on “Solstice Greetings

  1. hello erin,
    your solstice post truly warmed my heart! so lovely to see the attention and care given to the turning of the light in your home and family!
    it also left me aching… what did i do this year… planned a birthday sleepover party for leander on solstice night and took the boys outside for a stroll in the dark, after a fun and lengthy explanation (with tangerines) about the science of the sun’s angle and turning point. hans and leander remembered with fondness a solstice story i would tell every night beginning december 1st in years long past, aided by some magical characters. it is that same magic i see reflected in your pictures and that same magic i miss for myself and this little hobbit home… so, gratitude to you for posting and rekindling my desire to add magical touches during this season of light!!!

  2. sew boootifull, love those light rays of people and light you bring light into this world Erin, i wish you and all the seedy beans a bountiful xmas and new year.

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