For the Love of the Land

Have you heard of Ampersand?  Well you would love them, I guarantee.  They are truly loving a little piece of land here in the high desert the best they know how.  These folks built their home out of mud from their backyard, drink rain water off the roof on top of it and cook their food from the sun.  Not to mention they love their community because they invite everyone in on the fun through workshops, classes, internship and some seriously. fun dance parties.  Amanda and Andy are lovers and I love them……Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.07.22 PM

So on this day of love I want to introduce them to you and their latest land loving projecting and fund-raising efforts.  Spread the love and support their water shed project through indigogo today, they are half way through and could use a midpoint push to help them go above and beyond their goal.

And much love to you!

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