Learning to Share

First snow day for baby boy

Snow days like today really get me crafty, mainly making gifts for my babe, the materials start flying, and colors start swirling and I am longing to get back to my jewelry studio, to weave stones and colors together, to dream on the magic of those shiny tiny treasures just waiting for me….But alas the studio is not really open for business most hours these days. You see it isn’t really a studio any more at all…. more of a desk, in a closet–

Open the doors to the magic closet

I know, it sounds a little bleak, but really I made it fantastic and inspiring; organized and colorful, and the best part is I can close the doors, leaving a project completely mid-way and then open the doors back up and just pick up where I left off.  When I actually had full run of a whole room for crafting, I insisted on cleaning up and coming back to a clean space every time I left, which made crafting hours  long and time in between long as well, not to mention the time I spent cleaning and reorganizing, which was fine, but not great for production.  Now everything it is kind of the opposite…The room itself is now the baby’s room and the time schedule too.

Where my desk used to be baby now sleeps

I had this very naive prenatal idea that I would sit at my desk while the baby sleep away and we would share the little room in harmony.  Well, yes I admit it, motherhood has surprised and humbled me in many ways, and this is one of them.  Though I have my great creative closet, as soon as I get him to sleep I sneak out of his room I get as far as I can, wishing him a deep, sound, long nap.  Staying in the room would be total nap sabotage at this point, I would be totally stressed about making the littlest noise, so….I create in the living room while he sleeps.

Taking over the living room to create

I still have yet to figure out when I will get my turn to use the room, as he prefers to play in the living room while awake and if I am in his room, well, he misses me…Anyway you get the point.  So here I am crafting for babe, by the fire, calmly, quietly, peacefully……though is miss my jewelry studio, this really is a delight!!

Crafting together

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