A New Blog for a New Life

I was lying awake in the middle of the night last night; you see sometimes I simply can’t get back to bed after nursing my four month old being a new mama and all, and in my busy mind this little blog was born.

I have blogged before, as many of you know me through my Seedybeans blog oriented towards high desert gardeners and others of you know me through Desert Diosa Jewelry blog, but how many of you know me as a well-rounded work at home, gardener, crafter, new mama that I have become?  I barely know myself as such and I have been torn these past weeks as to where to put my energy in life as well as in the blogosphere.  I have been really reclaiming my garden from a hard dry summer, and sitting in the studio creating some truly beautiful jewels but I have also been crafting baby clothes & canning & yes breastfeeding and baby rearing through it all.  I can no longer separate the many sides of myself, and I want to share it all.  I have grown to really love some the mama blogs that are out there and appreciate the connection to the world, as well as the inspiration they bring to us mamas who believe in nurturing ourselves, our families, our gardens, our creativity, our community and our economies from our homes. 

I am truly lucky to have a healthy, happy family, but even luckier to be able to be at home nourishing and nurturing them as well as myself, as this is what I truly believe in.  I feel that being well in ourselves, in our families and in our communities is the place for us all to create peace and well-being in the world.   How we choose to find that wellness is up to us.  I choose to be at home and do my “work” as a creatress, mother, grower, and wife.  This life does come with set backs, mostly financially, as we are now a one (inconsistent) income home, which means my husband holds the flame of family finances, bless his hard-working soul, and our consumer choices have to be all the more conscious, but we welcome such changes and are open to having less and being more.  I now care for my home and family more diligently and responsibly than I did when earning money seemed to be my primary contribution…  But so far so good.  This new life of parenting and homesteading and self exploration has really helped be look at things, question things, value things and nurture things in ways that have changed me and I think could be of use, or at least inspiration to you too; to grow, to create, to act and to be in the present moment of this gift of life to enjoy as well as to use a an opportunity to give, grow and be grateful.

So here it begins, an attempt to put all the pieces of my Aquarian soul together, to meld my growing garden spirit, my creative jewelry business,  my rooted mama homesteading self into one whole happy existence;  Seeds and Stones and Life Home Grown… from my heart to yours.. thanks for sharing this journey of becoming whole with me.

One thought on “A New Blog for a New Life

  1. How did I not know you had created this beautiful new space?! It is beautiful. I am so glad to find your wise words, your lovely images, and your creative spirit in this space. I have been thinking a lot these days about my many myriad interests and pursuits, and realizing that there is no separation–I am whole, and they are all part of that wholeness. Looking forward to what comes next!

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