Aphid update

It seems I am not alone in the aphid battle, as many of you have asked about this gardeners quandary.  So here’s the latest.  I recently went away for a couple of days and thought the aphids would get out of hand, to my delight when I returned everything looked super happy and healthy…though when I looked closely, still a ton of aphids.  Now I can share with these little guys, and do, but I am still a little concerned.  So my next step is to get rid of that tobacco spray…It simply stinks and though it works, I do everything with my little helper, and I do not want him sucking off that stuff, YUCK!!!  So I apologize if I lead anyone astray with that little recipe, it does work, but not when your baby loves to pick leaves and suck on them.  While on our trip we went to see a friend who runs a commercial greenhouse.  She shared that she read in a Cornel research report that someone had been doing a trial on aphid control, involving Kelp and Soap sprays.  Someone accidentally mixed the two and lo and behold, tremendous results.  So she passed on this recipe:

1 Gallon water

3TBSPS Liquid Kelp

3TBSPS Dr. Bronners  Peppermint liquid soap

Mix and spray–We shall see!!  Not exactly delicious but way more kid friendly than chile tobacco spray!! Let me know how it goes for you.

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