Root Morning Flower Afternoon

So many flowers so little land!

Just about 6 weeks till the last frost date and my mind in on the garden.  Where to get the best compost? What will get planted where, T- tape or drip line?– Lots of good additions going to happen this year, but today I am sowing the seeds.  The moon was in Capricorn this morning so I spent it in the crispy air dividing garlic that go missed last year and re-sprouted full head.

When you had garlic sprouting like this, it is probably a head that went un-harvested last season

I dug up these guys and divided them to be planted individually so they can each make their own head this year.

They look like this underground

Each now has their own spot about 9-inches apart, with hopes of inter-

To each sprout,a hole

cropping with them later in the season.

By the afternoon the moon had shifted to Aquarius so started sowing flowers, more than I had thought I would plant this year, but I simply can’t help myself!!

Sowing seed saved from last years garden

Just a heads up, the moon will move into a water sign, Pisces, Wednesday afternoon to Saturday afternoon so Leaves, leaves, leaves!!! I will be planting Spinach, lettuce, kale, and Collards OUTSIDE, and in some cold frames and hoops–yep Spring here I come!!  Happy Sowing

2 thoughts on “Root Morning Flower Afternoon

  1. Look at the colors! Our last frost date here in my part of New England isn’t until the end of May, but I have seeds started, and I spent this beautiful afternoon preparing the vegetable bed in the back yard.

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