RePost- Thoughful prose on parenting

This evening I came across this mother’s words about her journey of homeschooling parenting and becoming her whole self.  She says it so well in her own words I will simply leave them with you to ponder on this fine spring eve


“By following my children’s lead I have rekindled my own curiosity, dug it out from under twenty years of textbooks and teacher expectations. I’ve rediscovered that glowing, burning treasure that came into this world with me as a birthright. My natural curiosity, reawakened, has set me on the path of true parenting. My children educate me as I help guide them in their learning. It is a bright, beautiful circle.”

Click here Rhythm of the Home for the whole article.

2 thoughts on “RePost- Thoughful prose on parenting

  1. I miss you dear lady. Beautiful blog. Baby girl asleep on my back while I type standing up. Thoughts of the last time I was in Santa Fe and the times I’ve been awed by your creative self. I hope you’re well. Kiss that little Jangus for me.

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