It’s in the up side down world in the droplets of water

It is hard to say where inspiration comes from…Sometimes you wait, pray, beg for it and it won’t show for weeks, months, even years, and then sometimes, there it is, all around you, in everything, everywhere.  Ideas, visions, dreams piling high at your doorstep, so many so much how could this be?

It’s in the first light on fresh blooms outside my door

How and why and when it comes, is a mystery to me, but I will say this year has been full of it.  Maybe it is entering into the deeply creative process of giving birth, maybe it is truly the birth of a new time, it is 2012 after all, maybe I am just in the right place in the right way, still enough to see it all.

It’s in the light from the sun & shadows form the moon through the leaves of a big grandma tree

I have had more ideas, plans, plots and dreams this year than ever….not much free time, money or energy to create them all, but honestly feeling super grateful to be in the creative flow.  It is like sitting in the middle of the river and just marveling at the sparkling, constant wellspring of water moving all around you, never wavering in it’s generous flow.

It’s in the infinite all around us

Just giving thanks to the glory and mystery of inspiration and the every day miracles in which it is constantly revealing itself to me.

It’s in these openings that we are guided and must go

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