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Well shucks, thanks Meliovore!  I recently got a sweet appreciation of a little award nomination.  One Lovely Blog Award is a blogger nominated award that seems to be a way of sharing blogs we love with one another. This here blog of mine is less than a year old, but I am always delighted to hear how many people are reading and enjoying it.  Thanks to all you who are reading along and thanks to Meliovore, my mother nominator for thinking of me.

Meliovore is “a blog for people who want to join in the effort to know more about the food we eat, the food products we buy, and in doing a generally better job of coexisting with other species of living things on the planet. ”  In her own witty words:  A Meliovore (n. a pseudo-Latin term, mea culpa) is a better eater. Not better than thou, just better than before; someone who is trying to do a better job of eating more sensibly and sustainably/ less wastefully and thoughtlessly.


I tell you, this blog world is a new place to me, but it is really rich with independent thinkers, writers, artists, parents, yogis, cooks, activists, gardeners and simply amazing people who are sharing slices of real heartful lives.  It has given me a great space to share of myself; my beliefs, creations and cultivations & quandaries.  So many thanks for your support!

So part of this award is for people to learn more about you so I must share 7 facts about myself HUMMM…well let’s see…I am never very good at this kind of thing….

I have been to 12 countries and filled a whole passport before I was 30 and feel totally lucky and blessed to boast such a fact

I have three tattoos, two of which I got at the same time on my 18th birthday

I love the morning, but am NOT a morning person

I love gardening but am NOT gifted with house plants

When I grow up (more) I want to have a flower farm

I pray every night for abundant clean water for all and a return to our deeper knowing that will guide humanity out of these destructive and violent ways that seem to dominate our mass actions

I believe living sincerely, consciously, gently and kindly truly can affect wellness in the world we so desperately need

Now I get to nominate 9 of my favorite blogs for this award, a perfect opportunity to introduce the work of my talented friends

Old Recipe for a New World

An Artful Way

Temple Love

Abby Jaramillo Postpartum Doula

Wild 4 Nature

Lots of Life in One Place

And a few I just think are lovely, earthy and delightful


Bell & Star

A Sonoma Garden
And thanks again to One Lovely Blog

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