Happy Leaf Day

Over cast skies full of promise, moon in Water Sign of Scorpio…all signs point to leaves today.  ImageIt is really starting to feel a bit warmer out there and we will spend the day prepping Hoop House Beds, watering our little sprouts that are coming up in there and of course Planting Leaves.ImageWe do many sowings in the greenhouse early & transplant things like Kale and Collards outside a bit later….But today we will also start direct sowing Lettuce, Spinach, Mache, Cilantro, Chard & Arugula outdoors.  ImageI will lay some row cover over them to keep them moist, warm and protected from the birds…and in about a month they will be fine just left in the great wide open.  We are now harvesting Spinach from baby plants I transplanted outside under row cover this fall.  They are now starting to really take off along with the Lettuce, Kale, Onions and Garlic that share it’s bed.  How does your garden grow…

PS if nothing yet, not to worry, we are just getting started here we have lots of time to sow. Happy Leaf day from my Garden to yours

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