Weekend Events June 1 & 2nd


Wendy and I when I ran the garden at Monte Del Sol Charter school.

Back to blogging after some technical difficulties and just in time to tell you about two awesome workshops I would love to share (and attend) this weekend.  The first is with Wendy Johnson , one of my mentors through the Edible School Yard in Berkley, where she consults on gardening.  We don’t know each other well, but I know  kindred garden fairy spirit when I see one and Wendy is just the kind of Fairy I aspire to be someday.  Her book is one of my favorite of all times, and I am still savoring it piece by piece and somehow i feel i can in tha tis took her ten years to write, though hopefully it won’t take me that long to read it….called Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate.  She is a Zen Buddhist and plant whisper among other amazing human vocations such as wife and mother and has nurtured many famed gardens such as those at Esalen and Green Gulch.  She will be in Santa Fe teaching at Upiya Zen Center with Roshi Joan this weekend teaching a Workshop based on her book and her experience ‘at work in the wild and cultivated world’

The next is at my very own SFCC orchard.  Dave JAckie, east coast permaculturist and author of Edible Forest Gardens, will be giving a public lecture tomorrow night from 7-9pm in the Jemez room at SFCC and then a 2 day workshop there on Saturday and Sunday called Gardening Like a Forest Workshop .  Hopefully he will help us transform thisIMG_7758

Into this


Someday that is!! Have a great weekend what ever you do!!

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