Tomato Time

Yes spring has finally has finally come to New Mexico, or rather summer it seems.  It is now plenty warm to put those tomatoes in the ground and with the moon in Leo (a fire/fruit sign) this weekend, all systems go!!


If you have ever read this blog you may be aware of my growing obsession with tomato production.  I put up a few tips here last year on transplanting tomatoes.   And then this year I went to a Homegrown New Mexico tomato class and learned a few more tricks.  To add to all this, this year I have been saving all of my eggshells, drying them, crushing them and now I have to magical powder that I plan to put in every hole before I plant.  You see tomatoes often get blossom end rot, and many of my late tomatoes got it last year…IMG_6841

(though I believe it was a watering issue.  You see my irrigation was turned off and I didn’t know it, so by the time I figured it out the plants had been shocked and needed to recover, which they did do, but blossom end rot was s side effect)….But in my reading I found out that blossom end rot is also linked with the plant’s ability to take up calcium…enter egg shells. Lots of readily available calcium for the taking.  So I will sprinkle the magic calcium powder in each hole before planting and we shall see if I can notice a difference.IMG_4980

IN any case, happy planting weekend, I know we all have lots to do!!

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