THE GARDENERS YEAR 2014 Calendar is here!!

They finally came in the mail, I was so hoping they would come before the Waldorf Faire and they did, though I must admit, the jewelry took the spotlight that day, but I did sell a few to my lovely gardeny friends.

They are big, beautiful and very user-friendly, and frankly make me proud!!

Here is the write-up I put up on Etsy where they are for sale now and with this secret- not so secret code- Shipfree- you can get free shipping anywhere in the the US until Jan 1 2014!!


THE GARDENERS YEAR – Planning your Plantings for 2014

This Calendar is 12 months of garden goodness, designed to make planning what to do in your garden simple and easy.

As a garden educator I often get the same question from my clients and students–
I made this Calendar based off years of experience gardening in the High Desert of New Mexico, which is Zone 6 for gardeners in other areas.

I garden organically and learned what I know from a few local farms in New Mexico & abroad, but most of what I teach comes from my apprenticeship in Agroecology at the University of Santa Cruz, CA in 2002.  Many of my techniques and tricks are inspired by French intensive gardening, permaculture and bio dynamics.  This calendar especially reflects the Maria Thun & Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting Calendar in regards to following the recommendations of planting roots crops, fruits crops, leaf crops and flowers crops when the moon is traveling in correlated signs.  This is only a guide, but I like the idea of not only flowing with the seen, but unseen forces of our earth and planets as well.
My calendar takes you through each month guiding you on what to plant, when and where.

I start many seeds inside as well as use cold frames and mini hoop houses for season extension and do all my gardening in the ground, all of which I provide guidance for within.
Along with what to plant when, each month includes a brief tutorial on what to be doing in the garden that month, how to make your own planting flats, how to make your own soil mix, growing tips for Carrots, Garlic, Squash and much more.


THE GARDENERS YEAR CALENDAR also includes the New Moon and Full Moon dates for 2014 as well as solstices, equinoxes and important seasonal holidays.

All the full color photography is my own from my own gardens here in Northern New Mexico.


The Calendar Measures 11.5 x 14inches and is spiral bound, making perfect not only for reading, but recording what is happening in your own garden.

This is has been a huge help to new gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike and simply helps you get the most out of your timing, which in gardening is key to productivity.

Get Yours Here.

Use the coupon code- Shipfree for free shipping now till Dec 25th!!

Hope you enjoy it!!


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