Another Week of Wonder

Ahhh- Saturday morning, fresh scent of rain in the crisp air, flowers bursting to greet me and welcome me back into the folds of my little homestead after a long week of putting my attention elsewhere….


You see, I spent the week with the ninth grade of the Santa Fe Waldorf School teaching what is know as farm week.  A week spent on digging into our food systems with our mind and bodies was truly wonderful way to spend a week for all of us.  We talked about food, farming and life on the land.  We traveled to my very favorite farms in northern New Mexico and got to witness the highs and lows of what it really means to be directly dependent to your own food supply.


As I sit here reading the essays and evaluating the student work, I am getting a true glimpse into what seeped in through those muddy hands and sunburned cheeks.  One of the true wonders of being a teacher is experiencing the mystery of what penetrates each mind you meet.  I am still letting myself steep in the week, enjoying a quiet house, a blooming garden and a pause to breath in and make room for what this luscious rainstorm  and abundant spring may bring.

Our Week in Pictures


DAY 1Mr. G and his oh so organized farm!


Day 2-Picking Chamomile and gathering eggs at Gaia Gardens



Day 3-From milk to cheese at the Permaculture Institute



Day 4-The miracle of goat birth and the cycles of life at Fat Duck Farm



Day 5– Completing the circle from Field to Fork- greens picked at SFFC Garden and sold to Joe’s Dining where we got our greens served back to us!






Thanks to all the Farmers who made our week wonderful and who make our high desert food system so bountiful!


5 thoughts on “Another Week of Wonder

  1. so cool to read and see all the familiar kid faces!

    erin, i haven been wondering all week how it was going for you! the students, jaengy, the rhythm of every morning and early am out the door and back tired in late afternoon.

    karleen spoke of the birth that happened right when all were gathered? incredibly awesome!

    can i forward your post to some powers at the school, like jeffrey baker, elliot ryan, pam colgate?

    • Yes please pass it along– Pam was actually with us most of the week and I sent her the link and Elliot was there to witness the goat birth! It was truly magical. Monday evening I was fighting a cold and exhausted, but by Tuesday afternoon I had found my stride and the students had received me, so we all enjoyed speeding our days together (I think– though ninth graders are pretty hard to read!!)
      I know I loved it and found it to be one of the best jobs yet in this career of gypsy garden teacher of mine!

  2. I can’t believe they got to see a goat birth! What an amazing blessing! Those lucky, lucky children. Your work must be held by good fairies.

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