Living Outdoors

Our house is kinda small.  It is 1,000 sq feet on the outside of thick adobe walls, and though 50 years ago that was the average size home for a family of five it can feel a little snug with us three.  IMG_4124

But because New Mexican weather is so agreeable, we spend as much time outside as possible.  Lately even at 7am my son wants to eat his breakfast on the porch and of course we all linger outside until dark.  We have furthered this outdoor life by finishing our outdoor kitchen which has been a work in progress for many, many years.  It is kind of life long dream of mine and I can’t tell you what a joy it is to be able to literally be outside all day long, gardening, cooking and eating all in the fresh air.  Since it has been such a labor of love I thought I would share the process and progress through the years….IMG_3349

When I first moved in 5 years ago Joel jumped on getting the greenhouse on the house, as he knew I would make good use of it.  IMG_4118

Now it creates one end of the outdoor kitchen and is in use 365 days a year!IMG_0142

Then there was the pallet shack built over the well house, Joel’s project while I was pregnant.IMG_1041

It is filled in with mud and straw and for our baby shower it was plastered with the same by our dear friends, completing another side of the kitchen zone.


And then began the patio with a pile of bricks that sat in the front yard and was put to good use for almost three years as a high risk toddler climbing structure


(Don’t worry he lived through it and loved every minute or it!)


Sand was gathered from the river,


Bricks were lovingly laid


digging was done


Trenches were made (and staid a little longer than they were welcome)


and with all that trench dirt, old abodes from another construction project years back and a big pile of stones a bonus




Which provided hours of good family fun!


And will continue to for years


to come!


The bricks continue to be laid,


But soon enough, pure satisfaction!!



Pride of a job well done


the joy of sharing our space with good friends


And best of all, lots of parties to come!!  Here’s to all your good work dear!  So many thank yous for our beautiful little home, inside and out!


3 thoughts on “Living Outdoors

  1. gorgeous!!!!

    the little guy gets quite the education already, erin!!!

    enjoy your summer in and around your heavenly home and gardens!!

  2. And I thought you just said Abracadabra! What an amazing testament to hard work, time, and vision bearing fruit this is. Love the series of images of Jaengy and papa working together. Can you say children’s book?

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