August Abundance

The most luscious month of the year is always abundant around here.  Nothing big and bold, but lots of busy hands gathering making, tidying and creating around here.  Here are a few glimpses of our Autumn Abundance that is just beginning.



Onions and Herbs drying in the shade


Lots of Basil Picking and Pesto to being made


Artistic little hands now with an organized rainbow crayon case


Three years old now and time to do a little growing up.


Baby doll gets a makeover upon request ” Why doesn’t Little Red Cap have legs and clothes? We need to make him some mama”


Standing up and wearing clothes! This guy is ready for working in the garden


A love rekindled, what can I say!


A new summer shawl as the knitting needles get a clicking again!

A new ( to us off Craigslist) bathtub

A new (to us off Craigslist) bathtub


Given a lovely makeover paint job in what seems to be my favorite color of this year


Installed and ready for lots of soaking


Oh and of course the growth in the garden!! Calendula picking daily for oil making later on down the line


Tomatoes ripening daily on the vine


Lots of cooking in the outdoor kitchen


Numberous Sunday mountain treks bearing gifts from the rains

Oh and so much more to come!

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