Not bad for a snow day!

Last night I trusted the whether man enough to go out at dust, uncover my greens and take a look.


Hey not bad for total neglect!!  I haven’t looked under here since Christmas when I got another nice little harvest.  The spinach is doing beautifully (harvested 1 1/2lb and could have doubled that had it not gotten dark on me) and the kale is starting to come back too ( 1/2 lb of baby leaves) !!  This is all in the ground, no heat, thick row cover and 4mm plastic (Not very tight!!)  Cheap and Easy and a bit Lazy!!


And here is last night harvests with this mornings snow- we have already eaten spinach in 2 meals today (going on 3!)


And now there they are sleeping under a thick blanket of snow.  Who knows when I will get under there again, but feeling so thankful for all the moisture that will slowly seep in and keep them growing into the spring.


Speaking of spring….If anyone wants to take a Seed Starting class with me, now this is your last chance for a while….Baby due in just 4 short weeks, but I am teaching on FEB 10th at SFCC so sign up here— you will go home with your own flat of babies ready to grow!

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