I have been doing a lot of processing lately- mostly thoughts & emotions, struggles & triumphs, births and deaths.  I have never really used this space to share these things, mostly because I am not really sure how.  When big things happen I don’t always know how to put words to them, I live through my senses and images come more naturally to me then words.  IMG_8720

I am not always sure what to do with all that life offers and doing is what I know best.  I feel good when I do, I get my hands in the earth and it grounds me.  I grow food and I feed and thus am feed.  IMG_8714

I bring life, but sometimes it is simply taken away.  There are times in life when things are out of my hands, I get disoriented and somewhat lost.


Lately this has been true, I have been thrown off by what life has thrown at me and the way I process is by doing things that make sense to me.  Lately there has been a lot of processing internally and externally in this processing I am finding healing.


If food is medicine then maybe food processing is therapy.  So in my muddled mind when my hands can do I am made whole again.  So picking and processing I go. Grinding the berries, sorting the seeds, whirling the blender. IMG_8766

Time to harvest the bounty and make the food and I feel it healing all the confusion of the world.  So I give thanks for the ability to be processed by my processing of the food that will feed in the months to come.


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