My counters runneth over

This pretty much sums up my kitchen these days.  My counters runneth over with goodness calling my name: feed me, cook, me, can me, dry me, PLEASEEEEEEE


We reignited the sourdough starter for our Pre-school baking day, upon my sons request after hearing the Little Red Hen for the first time, and we made ourselves some sourdough bread (both gluten and gluten-free I might add!) He couldn’t have been more excited, which totally made it worth the effort ( we have been gluten-free for a year now and my bread rhythm is completely gone and I don’t really miss it at all)


We have two crockpots going 24 hours a day with the tomatoes and more ripening every day! Luckily I have a baby holder when I MUST do something that requires two hands like churning hot tomatoes!


We went apple picking and luckily there are about twenty pre-school apple picking verses to learn along side.


We changed the seasonal alter to an autumn theme to my sons delight added a few new puppets of whom he is very fond of!  These little guys got me back in the crafting mood, and though I spent way too much time on them, aspiring to my Utube muse, I had so much fun and now have yet another crafty obsession, needle felting!


This must be our season because home-pre-school curriculum lines up perfectly with what we fill our days with anyways, so instead of feeling like I am taking on yet ANOTHER task, I feel like I am actually just weaving song and spirit and sweet company into my daily hum.


Ahhhh I just love when things are fluid and easy….well done with ease & fluidity–

(canning and processing all this stuff while juggling two kids is not exactly easy!!, but a healthy challenge I am delighting in and I am sure not the first mama to have all these pots on the stove at once!)

2 thoughts on “My counters runneth over

  1. Hine Erin,

    Congrats on the baby omg time flies, last time i met you was in the Nambe compund it was a fabulous time, I am still trying to learn canning, or something to the efffect, are u open to someone coming to help you out canning for a few hours one day???

    Love and LIght, Lyn

    Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2015 03:47:53 +0000 To:

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