Seedy weekend!

IMG_1482Today is a flower day and since this June I want to be filled with flowers I am starting Cosmos& Snapdragons in the greenhouse today.  It is an experiment, as usually I am too focused on vegetables to even think about flowers this time of year and frankly I direct seed most of my flowers anyway…But today I plant flowers inside and so might you if you wish to experiment.  These are both pretty cool hardy flowers so they will go out sooner than the other things and hopefully provide me with early blooms.

IMG_6293Friday is a flower day too and then goes into a leaf day.  Saturday is full leaf day and so I hope to tuck in those Spinach seeds I didn’t get to last weekend.  The chicken are in the chicken tractor right down doing the tilling for me.

IMG_2847I will then boldly plant peas outside for Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays fruit sign (Leo).  I will soak them over night first and then tuck them in, as I think my soil will be warm from here on out and I have seen peas in the snow anyhow!  I will also use Leo to aid my greenhouse plantings of Peppers, Eggplants and Tomatoes, (I usually start the big slicers first, the cherry tomatoes can wait till later).

IMG_9988I plan to share my happenings here, but wanted to you to get prepared and dust off those seeds if you plan to plant along.  Since it feels like May out there we might as well act like it!!

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