Class Change


Peas shoots ready for munching!

Just wanted to let some of you know I had to postpone my seeding class today.  I was so delighted it was full with a growing waiting list, so I thank you for your interest and support….However I am home alone with two very sick children who need my full attention today.


Too tired for bed!


Homegrown and rescheduled it for April 3 so we don’t miss important seeding windows!!  Since your Sundays has been freed up, why not play in the garden today?  It would be a great day to plant potatoes (if you have them), as it is a root day.  I know it seems early, but I have a feeling they would do just fine!

With the moon being in an earth sign (Capricorn) enjoy your home, your garden and your family today, and I will try to do the same, thanks for understanding.

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