Good Times

Most of you who read my blog know me and my family pretty well…and if you are new here (thanks to Soulemama’s sharing of our garden), Welcome, so glad you came!!

I write here mostly about gardening because that is what inspires me most….but these days life has been so intensely full, gardening is on the back burner, as I have been home with three children while my husband has been working in New Zealand for two weeks.

Yes there are all kinds of hard things going on in the world and I really have nothing to complain about, but if you have been one of the many angels to grace our homestead this summer with a meal, a helping hand or to whisk the kids off for a walk, you know that things have gotten pretty ferrell, somewhat chaotic and at times a bit bleak around here.

IMG_2695First it was “WE are out numbered” now it is just Me who is outnumbered and I simply can’t help and hold three tiny people all at once.  7 am and 7pm are intense to say the least!  I have only made it through because so many of you have helped us, and for this I am alive today, but there is that moment where every mother realizes, ‘ No one can really help me, because no one else is mommy to these guys and sometimes only mommy will do.’  Though luckily we have found some pretty close seconds!!

IMG_2635This afternoon, only minutes after our helping angel had departed, I found myself saying, “Where is Eva” one too many times.  This little 18 month old critter is getting into everything!! But finally after weeks on end of overwhelm, my stress broke into laughter ….

First we were peacefully doing laundry together when I stepped out for just a minute and returned I couldn’t find her,  ” Where is Eva?” I said.


She had figured out how to get into the dryer and I hear her priceless, ” HI” and the door swung open and there she was, happy as a calm in her new favorite spot!

We finished the laundry and I had to sit down to nurse Oakley, within minutes I asked again” Where is Eva?”


Of course, throwing my neatly chopped Chard all over the Kitchen floor!!  (Jaengus thought this was especially funny).  ‘Awesome’ I thought, and picked it up off the floor, “I am the only one who will really eat it anyways!”

It went on like this all evening, she was on a role… while I was trying to get dinner on the table I passed her water to hold her over…and one quick trip into the kitchen and back…and what do we have here, a baby fountain!! Soaking herself entirely in a matter of seconds!


After dinner, ” Where’s Eva?” Now she has crawled up on the log, figured out the spray bottle and is giving herself and bath… IMG_2817

“Where is Eva?”now she has caught herself with her net…IMG_2810

There were of course a few things I couldn’t photograph, like slipping off to the backyard and climbing to the top of the swing set by herself and when I spotted her shouting “YEAH!!” at the top of her lungs and bopping up and down inches from the edge!! ( heart attack for me! not a photo opp!)

And while we were laying down to bed she wandering off for one last “Where is Eva?” for the day …. tearing up toilet paper bleery eyed of course!IMG_2820

Oh Eva are you a Cartoon or a real child? Either way you make me laugh when I want to cry and I love you for that, because sometimes that is all a mother can do!


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