Feeding People?Got plants?Come Get Em!

Well I do!  And it is time to find these babies good new homes.  I always overdo it, those little seeds are so tiny and the conditions in the greenhouse, oh so right.  What can I say we have germination down over here, but 450 tomatoes, what was I thinking!!!!


The good news is I have gotten a lot of help this year with seed sowing, transplanting and bed digging.  We were blessed by traveling interns from Community Rebuilds in Moab Utah,


lovely, hard working hands from my SFCC Gardening days,IMG_6094

and my very own garden school for wee onesKunz Girls

So thanks to all this help, we have been getting the job done and it is time to give back.IMG_6115

What to do with all this abundance?  We only have 1/5 of an acre and it is pretty much full already!!  For the past 17 years I have worked in Santa Fe with School gardens or Garden Education of some kind so my greenhouse and hard work went to good use growing for the masses… Until this year! (not counting my own little garden school of course).

IMG_9108My world has grown so small and yet I have never worked so hard in my life.  It’s an odd feeling I must say, and simply feeding my own family and friends simply does not feel like enough when one in every five people in New Mexico experience hunger of some sort. It is just not right and right now it feels really hard to do anything about it.

So my simple, humble attempt to nourish a few more people than my tiny family this season is to give away my healthy baby tomatoes to people who are working with school gardens/ non profits this season and can offer them a good life and help bring food and farming to the future gardeners of our community and healthy food to anyone (and everyone) who needs it.  (Sadly this offer is only for my local readers, as I am not mailing baby plants anywhere)….IMG_9693

but if you are a local and working to feed, teach and grow this season I would be honored to give you some plants. First come first serve so…

Leave a comment letting me know who you work with a which ones you would like and you can help me feed more people!!!I will arrange a drop off time in Santa Fe with you in the coming weeks.


Tomato list- (most of the seeds I used I have saved myself over the years, but I am pretty sure the link below were the original sources and will give you a description of the varieties)

Black Krim

Cherokee Purple

Pink Brandywine

Amish Paste

Chadwick Cherry

Virginia Sweet





5 thoughts on “Feeding People?Got plants?Come Get Em!

  1. Wonderful Erin!! I so understand what you mean about your world growing small, but worker harder than you ever have in your life (I think it’s the 3 kid thing??). I wanted to thank you for suggesting sprouting sugar snap peas. I did a big tray of them on our south facing windowsill and it’s been such an easy way to have fresh, local sprouts right at our fingertips. My kids love them too. Thank you!

    Also, how long do you suggest hardening off plants before planting them? I’m going to plant my tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers and jalapeno’s around mother’s day, so wondering if a week of letting them adjust to the sun/outdoor conditions is enough?

    • Hi Amber- Glad the sprouts worked out- yes if you keep sowing once a week you can have constant salad in 2 sq feet of window sill! Try sunflower sprouts and micro greens next!! As for hardening off– about a week is great… poco a poco– I like to put thing out for a couple hours a day at first, then a little more and little more… you should also cover with row cover if you can once planted just to protect against Spring winds, which really are a killer these days! I will post my next blog about transplanting too!

  2. Thanks so much Erin! I started some lettuce on my window sill too. I’m hoping it’s going ok…might need to thin it out a bit. But looking pretty good! Thanks for all of the information

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