Hello Out there

Hello out there, can you hear me? It seems I have fallen silent again, or rather the outside world has fallen more silent to my over burdened ears…. sure has been noisy in here… 3 kids in 950 sq feet for 9 months on end has been… well a lot! I have been joking with friends, “Oh you think 9 months is a long time, we have been doing this for 9 years!!” So yes, I have reached a new level of exhaustion… but I must admit, I do it to myself! Like taking on farming as a hobby this year, like ‘yeah more work is fun!!’ But all sarcasm aside, if you know me at all you know not only is growing fun, it is what I MUST do!

This year I got a good healthy dose of it! If you follow me on Instagram, you can see all our farm bounty day by day, family farm days and so much beauty we got to share. We grew ourselves over 1,000lbs of food, flowers, seeds and soil and I donated much of it to mothers in need in our community. It was hard work, it was humbling work, it was really the work I was made for and made to share! But now that the snow lies on all those little cover crop seeds I can finally sneak back out into the studio at night, instead of passing out at sundown, and open up all my treasure boxes and see what my nimble fingers are called to create.

Normally around this time of year you would be getting a big Holiday sale announcement from me, but alas, there will be no Holiday shows this year. I have been working hard to get up to date with technology and get myself back on the interweb after many months away from the computer for the most part, but this requires focus, quiet and well time… all of which I have very little of right now… did I mention the tiny house, big family. Well, I will share that I have not been entirely incapable. I made a few videos on crafting and created a Seeds and Stones Studio Utube Channel for my Parent & Child Class buddies…. I listed my Plant Dyed Silk Play Scarves on my Etsy shop, and now my big task is photographing and listing each of my one-of-a kind jewelry pieces in time for Holiday sales. Wish me luck!

But what I am doing more of anything this month is slowing down, bringing magic to my little big family and praying for the quiet come in!

I hope you are all well and wish you all the best and truly hope we stay connected heart to heart until we meet face to face again!

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