Flower day

It seems everyday is a flower day these days, but none quite like today. The moon was in Libra……..So thus a flower day in the biodynamic calender, so I planted out Snapdragons, Verbascum, Thonia, and Calendula, cleaning out the greenhouse so the tomatoes, cucumbers and basil can now go full force.

…But as I planted and watered and doted on my beloved flowers I got an amazing show from the Oriental Poppy off in the corner of the garden, minding her own and only business of blooming.

At 7am she looked like this…

Pushing off her little hat, showing her blooming face to the world for the first time

And then by 11am she was open for pollination…

Full of powdery pollen

By 2pm she was all a glow in her glory….

Unfurling to the sun

Then when the light hit just right in the afternoon…

All a glow

By evening they had started to tighten back up…

Curling back in for the night

And I was reminded of one of my favorite Quotes by

Anaïs Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Though for only a few days, she shall remain open

I hope you too are enjoying these glorious flower days!!

What to plant When?-The ever burning question

I started teaching classes again, talking to friends and doing my own garden planning and this question comes up every season- What to plant when— I tried to answer it as simply as I could by just sharing what I do at home, so here is my garden schedule in case you want to follow my lead– PS if you are in Santa Fe don’t stress about being behind me, it is just a bit warmer here in the Pojoaque banana belt so you have a bit of a grace period.  I hope this helps makes gardening just a bit easier for everyone, but don’t take my word for it, grow it yourself, and do let me know how it goes!!Image

Repost: Got Weeds? Use Vinegar. Who Knew?

I know, it is hard to imagine killing anything this time of year.  When those first precious shoots of green are popping up all we want to do it protect them, even if they are weeds.  I actually think weeds get a bad rap, first off most of them around here are helpful, dandelions mining those mineral from deep under ground and bringing them right to the surface to heal our tired livers and what about Lambs Quarters, so delicious, easy and free for the munching!!  The list goes on, and I am sure I will too at some point, about weeds that are welcome and simply wonderful!!  But because I also love a clever gardener I thought I would just re-post this.  Mind you in New Mexico weeding is usually pretty easy, therapeutic and dare I say fun, but where this gardener is from, New York Stater, lets just say weeding is a bit more serious.  Anyway, here is a little light reading on weed elimination with trusty old vinegar, just keep it in mind.

Got Weeds? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup.