Preserving the Harvest

So much to do so little time!!  The tomatoes are coming on full force, the basil is bursting, the apples are ripening…No time to write about it all, barely time to do it!!

But then I realized, I don’t have to.  Inspired by one of my new favorite Blogs Small Measure, I have decided to just send you straight to wonderful, already written blogs about how to process and preserve your harvests.

So here are some ideas about….

What to do with abundant Cucumbers

How to save Seed from Garden Vegetables

How to Process Tomatoes any which way

What to do with all those Apricots

And all those glorious Apples oh my!!

Oh and my personal favorite Bountiful Basil!

Happy Harvesting and if you do have extra bounty don’t forget to get your name on the list for the Santa Fe Harvest Swap

4 thoughts on “Preserving the Harvest

  1. Have you tried drying the apricots? We have great luck in an open air dryer out here with them. Can’t keep the kids away from the stash so that we still have some in the winter 🙂

    • Yes, Solar Drying is the best for apricots! My Friend Kyce shared a tip on the link I shared, to soak them in salt water first, seems to be an Old New Mexican Trick that helps them keep their color. How to keep them away from the kids is another trick, let me know if you figure that out!!

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