Broccoli- Beyond the Bud

The garden hasn’t gotten a lot of attention these days, expect for daily journeys to the Tomato/Basil patch for harvesting (Caprese salad, Pesto, Pizza Sauce oh MY!!)….But besides extraction I haven’t given it much attention.  Today however, after an epic canning journey (whole peaches in Honey Mint Syrup, mmmmm) I just had to get away from the stove and into the dirt.

The light was waning and I was exhausted, but had a last burst of energy during which I pulled out the broccoli patch.  I have harvested plenty to be happy with it’s givings, though I must admit I always feel like broccoli sure takes up a lot of room for just one little bud.   But then I remembered– You can eat broccoli leaves, & stems and they are GOOD.. High in protein and vitamins, and tasty!! I only wish I had remembered this earlier in the season. 

Luckily some friends popped in, saw the pile of discarded brassicas and said, “Aren’t you gonna eat those?  “I will if you help me pick them” I sighed….In the dying light we (thanks Ruthie & Gracie) harvested 4lbs of Broccoli leaves and had a great time!!  Broccoli chips seems to be a trend these days and roasting is good too…but I am thinking I may just dry them and make a Leafy Green Herbal Salt Sprinkle for extra green love in the winter. ( I will share the recipe when I invent it)

Drying feels like about all I can muster at the moment, but I am open any other ideas?  I am just thankful for the evenings helping hands, as it truly breaks my heart to see anything go to waste!

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