The Abundace of Autumn

The earth and many friends have been generous this year, look up, fruit is falling from the sky!!

Glorious sunny days spent singing, laughing and deepening our friendships in the dappled light of the laden trees

babies below us, foraging their own fruits of this bountiful time

Our baskets brimming with the perfection of sunlight, water, love and time

perfumes and colors fill the air inside and out of our homes and hearths

Rosy piles of sweetness staring us down, reminding that this abundance too will turn with the season, the time is now to eat, put up and process….

And so we do:

wash and chop and stir and stem and pack and seal and sweat and smile

And now deep signs, from full and happy hearts eagerly awaiting the long rest of winter ahead

Grateful for a full season, lived well and now gone by,

Turning ourselves sightly with the earths own shift,

to welcome autumn, with all her abundance,

to summer we say thank you, we love you and goodbye…

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