Starting the new year right

Or at least we are attempting to….Image

Juicing Carrots, Beets and Ginger for a little mid winter zing.  Oh and did you notice the magazine I used as coaster? Yep, these very hands made the cover of the Spring SFCC       (Santa Fe Community College) Continuing Ed course catalog.  I have been helping them start a garden there that will produce food for their student run cafe!! So cool!  ImageFriday will be our first harvest ever, I am anticipating a couple of lbs of Spinach, some Parsley and maybe some Chard if we get lucky.  I am not officially teaching in the garden this spring…but some of my cohorts are and their classes look great.  Check out Botany for Gardeners by Scott Voorhies or Amanda Bramble’s intro to Permaculture.Image

Jangy and I started on cleaning my bags and bags of seeds yesterday in the greenhouse..let’s just say seed cleaning with a 20 month old is…interesting.  But we got a bunch lettuce seeds and they went right back into a flat sown on the first Leaf Day of the Year!! (the 7th) along with some spinach and sprouts– indoors of course.

We also got to work on trying to de-ice my little hooped lettuce beds.  I am sure they are alright under there, snow is a pretty good insulator…..Image

But I simply can’t reach them to harvest.  I put a few layers of plastic, one black, one clear.  I am hoping with a few of these warmer days and some greenhouse action they will open for me.  This what they looked like on Christmas…Image

Hang on little guys, I will eat you up soon!!( or I could just wait and let them grow even more, but they look so good don’t they).

I am also trying to post a bunch of new jewelry on my Etsy page


Oh and attempting to ritualize an awesome yoga class into my life…..Here’s to a new start and good intentions!  What are you sprouting up this year?

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