Planning for Spring

It is still frigid outside, but folks remember this IS a GOOD THING.  The longer that snow stays on the ground the better off we will all be come spring, and all the more thankful!!  All this cold just gives us more time to sip tea & dream our abundant garden plots to life.IMG_4023

I have been at this gardening thing for long enough, that the planning is kind of second nature, but how to share it is always a challenging task.  I teach gardening here and there and everyone asks every year– What do I plant when? IMG_8368 It is actually a harder question to answer than some might like because, well it depends…on the weather that year, on what your garden is like, on when you want to harvest, how much space you have…on pretty much everything…  But I finally bit the bullet and just made a rough draft of a calendar for my students and friends to follow. I aligned my gardening experience here in the high desert and all that I have learned along the way with my favorite guidance from the stars to create an easy to use guide to chart the course of our gardens this year. So folks here it is–IMG_8366   IMG_8367 IMG_8369 IMG_8371 IMG_8370Thanks to snapfish and lots of photos taken over the years, I am pretty pleased with it I must say. It is mostly useful for folks gardening in zone 6 but if anybody wants one, I could have more made, just let me know– good price for you!!

3 thoughts on “Planning for Spring

  1. Hello I would definitely love one of you planting calendars…. Please let me know how much they are… I live here in Santa Fe….friends with Miranda and Bruce and could send you a check and maybe they would be willing to bring it to The Flea…or of course you could surely mail it. Kindly let me know how this all can work. And thank you again for your beautiful blog…I have been enjoying it so much. Elyzabeth Stow

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