Singing in the Rain!!

There has been lull in the gardening around here.  Once everything got planted, t-tape set up and timers on I have been on to other things– mainly sewing in the cool house and hiding from the sun.  But this weekend the rain finally came!! Two days in a row and the world was changed!!  Finally braving the outdoors again, I am greeted with abundance of Beets, Chard, Cota, Calendula, Carrots, Basil, Kale, Lettuce…just to name a few!!


Gardening with friends has been my greatest blessing this week.  Rejoicing in the bounty together, gabbing all the way.  Folding Cota together in the rain while our sons and husbands play around us.


Here in the desert the rains bring us so many gifts, not just much needed water, but relief, reprive, revitalization of our sometimes hot, heavy hearts.  I often feel like the rains bring the new year, a place to start again, the reset button as a friend likes to call it.  The rains wash us of all we are carrying, allow us to set everything down to go out into the desert and call up to the clouds, “Thank you! Welcome! We have been waiting & waiting & waiting for you and now you have answered our prayers!!”Image

In thanks for the rains that fall and the garden that grows, these simple miracles remind me new life is always sprouting up around and in us–

Happy Rainy season, may it linger long and abundant this year!

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