Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to Drink

I can’t tell you the relief I have been feeling lately in the garden.  We have had 5 days straight of evening thunder storms, which considering it has been over four months with no rain, we are beyond grateful.  I kind of gave up in the garden, once the tomatoes (and overzealous 100 plants this year) were in, and the irrigation on, I was too hot and losing faith…so I just prayed for rain.  You see, no matter how much well water you pump from 100 feet down up onto the garden, nothing nourishes desert plants like water falling from the sky.


And then it came, downpours of beautiful abundant water, and with all that precious water came a huge strike of lightening that hit our neighbors tree and carried under ground to blow our well pump!!


Yep, so now we have water from the sky but not from the ground.  The garden is thriving and we are doing just fine with our rain buckets full, but I must ask, what kind of divine comedy is going on around here? For those of you who know the story of our little house and it’s remodel you know water plays a huge role around here…( there were frozen pipes leading to a three-day flood in the middle of the winter we first meet).  The water made way for a lot that probably would not have gotten done otherwise.


Joel set to work tearing out flooring and replacing walls, inserting windows, adding radiant and all kinds of beautiful touches and I helped in that process making this my home too….The water washed away the old and made way for the new, though Joel worked his butt off doing it!!  And now Joel is out replacing the well pump right now, taking in stride the ongoing efforts of owning and caring for a homestead.  IMG_0426

Bless his heart and hands for having such skills, patience and perseverance! I had no idea how well I chose such a crafty DIY guy, in fact today he got a letter from our local hardware store saying..


Yep that’s my guy.

So heres to my hubby and the mysterious, powerful, ever-flowing Waters above, below, within and all around us.


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