Sew Busy!!

I am not bustling in malls, standing in lines, or really buying much of anything for Christmas this year, but I am sew busy!!  ( I know my titles can be a little corny, sorry, I just can’t help myself!)


I have been sewing up a storm and my latest creations have been a flurry of more up-cycled Merino PJs.


If you have not tried this, really you must!!  I love those German Woolies, but with a $5 Thrifted sweater you could turn this……


Into these…..


Or take this…..


cut like this…..


And make this….


and these…..


And be lift with just a tiny pile of waste


that will no doubt be used someday soon for something soft and sweet.

And that Cherry Red Grandma cardigan


Christmas Jammys!


Oh what fun we have on cold wintery days!  I may not have any money for lots of stuff, but who needs stuff when you got skills, now that is Christmas magic!!

Happy Winter magic making to you!

5 thoughts on “Sew Busy!!

  1. I was reading through previous posts, making some jammies, and saw this post. Love the Christmas jammies. Do you have instructions for those? Adorable!

    • Hi Jenny– The Christmas jammy’s Were the most improved pair. Basically I cut the sleeves and made those the legs. Then I cut out sleeves from the sides of the sweater with the bottom ribbing being the cuffs. This let just enough to make kind of a onesie with the rest of the sweater. The legs were attached in the style of ‘underwear pants’ like the green ones I made. If you like I can send photos or make a post with more details. Hope that helps– let me know how it goes!!

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