Santa Fe Harvest Swap 2016

Honestly I am amazed I have pulled off raspberry picking, apple picking, salsa making & cider pressing this season with my three tiny people at my side.  It is only because I have had community to share and support the process, shepherd the children, carry the baskets, and wash up when the day is done.  I just can’t help myself but harvest like the mad woman I used to be even though I am often carrying one or two people while doing it.  There is nothing worse to me than to see food wasted, dropping on the ground when we live in a world where so many go hungry.  It just isn’t right and my deep instinct to gather and feed lives on even in my weariness these days…..so_3033

The time has come again to share what the good garden gave ya.

Come join us Oct 23rd for the 4th annual Santa Fe Harvest Swap to share and swap the bounty of the season!!

Sign up here and I will see you soon!!

And if you can’t make it but have more than you can eat this season, please remember to share with those who need it, there are so many who would be deeply nourished by your care.

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