The end of the season

This morning I glimpsed through this blog of a gardener gathering up her garden bounty before the last frost (you may have seen it too) and thought, I should really do that today… or tomorrow, or sometime soon.  Thoughts like that usually take me about a week to actually accomplish these days, but when I went out side I found little Jacky frost had already made his way to my door!!


Sneaky bugger!! So there you have it, first frost ten days earlier than predicted here in New Mexico and even earlier than Maine… though FYI New Mexico and Maine have very similar growing seasons according to Elliot Coleman, (a genius of a farmer from Maine).



img_3434It was disappointing for a minute, but then honestly a huge relief!  My garden has been tremendous this summer, but I have been a less than impressive gardener.  In fact my garden has just started to make me sad, as one more thing I haven’t gotten to tend to these days, as babies occupy me day and night!


So it all worked out, and surprisingly I worked for 2 hours straight thanks to my new babysitter (as the baby chair is so charmingingly named!) and a very beautiful day and good timing on my part, (post lunch pre-nap, well feed, energetic kids).  We all were actually in heaven and I had some fierce gusto for ruthlessly pulling any and every fruit I could see and then tearing down the wilted vines.


The season is not completely over, as I hope to have greens till Christmas, but it felt darn good to clear the deck a little…. well  kind of, now the work is in the kitchen with 40lbs of ripe tomatoes, 50 pounds of Green ones (seriously someone please just take them off my hands). This has actually been one of the oddest and unproductive tomato years yet, but again, I am grateful cause I couldn’t have handled any more!

img_3653I have decided I am doing only freezing this year as canning with one adult and three tiny children is a down right bad idea in this house.  The good news is, there is always next year! So off to the kitchen I go, adios garden, thank you for all that you gave us it will  nourish us all year and now, with a sign of relief we say good night!

7 thoughts on “The end of the season

  1. I am relieved to hear I am not the only one with a bizarro tomato year. Usually they start kicking in mid-August, but this year, they have only just started to ripen in the last two weeks. On the other hand, I had a pepper bonanza, for the first time ever, so that’s something. 😉

  2. I love the expression on your baby’s face!! That is sheer happiness & contentment!! You are a great “Mama”. Your tomatoes look scrumptuous also!! I enjoy your writings & photos. Thanks. Mary Ann (in GA)

  3. Iren! I’m catching up on your beautiful photos . . think i’ll even let the kids sneak a peek! They are still asking to visit Nuevo Mexico, i am still dreaming of it. This pic of you is so beautiful, mama. I miss you. I love these pics of your new garden in the back. It all looks so vibrant. many many hugs. your little fur fam is the cutest!

  4. Hello! I found your blog via soulemama when you wrote about your beautiful garden. I sent you a message once before as I also live in new mexico (Los Lunas, south of albuquerque) and also have 3 young children (ages 7,5, and 2). I was wondering if you are selling a gardening calendar this year? From your blog, it looks like you know so much about gardening and I would definitely purchase one from you if you have one! Thanks so much

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