First Seeds!

As some of you may have noticed I have been a bit distant lately… I think my last post was ……What can I say, “The Trump Effect”, Three children, and some however all my techno gadgets got completly full to the point of not functioning at all…. A good metaphor for my brain I suppose.  I am in need of some serious spring cleaning and when you put something down for a while it can be hard to pick up again.


It has caused great reflection; who am I now, what do I do, what do I share, what is the most important thing right now?  I am sure I am not alone in these musings, it is in the collective consciousness to reassess right now, and I pray that that only brings more clarity, action and commitment to good work in the world… But while I have been eddying in my overwhelm the gardening questions are starting to pop up in my inbox and messages,  the seeds are starting to sprout and I just realized I better snap out of it and stop trying to answer life existential questions… there is work to be done!!

IMG_1071 (1)My work has always been grow food, feed people, teach them so…. and so though it may be simple work I am getting the message that it is still important, relevent and imperative in these crazy times.  People will always need to eat and resistance creates hunger!!  So I am here to feed and nourish the notion to do so…

So with no further ado I am back to my good old simple straight forward work of gardening.  This morning I sunk the very first seeds of spring into my garden flats and it not only brought me a familiar calm but it just made sense.  I think in these crazy times we all need to find those grounding acts that makes sense to us, the good work of our heart and hands that must be done to care for life itself.

I didn’t get a chance to make my gardening Calender yet this year, though I still may, but I will post here what I am doing, how and when, so that you too may following along virtually and we can sow seeds of hope together.

Today is a leaf day according to the biodynamic calender, meaning the moon is in a water sign, good juice for growing seeds… I planted Kale, Cabbage and Chard in my greenhouse and though it feels actually very late for those things, better late than never right!

Sending greetings of hope and new life your way today, Happy Planting!IMG_3962

4 thoughts on “First Seeds!

  1. I always take a relaxing deep breath & just get a good feeling all over when I read your blog & see your photos. I know you are busy, but keep it coming. I could be your grandmother, but you speak to my soul!! Mary Ann (in GA)

  2. Hooray!! Here in Los Lunas (south of Albuquerque) and new-ish to gardening. I have a lot to learn. Love that I can watch what you’re planting to give myself a similar time frame!

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